EMC Pneumatic

EMC Pneumatic


Since its foundation in 1986, EŸMC’s mission of continuous advancements has been exceeded only by its own innovations, and has become a national high-tech enterprise through R&D and the manufacturing its own brand.

In 2010, EŸMC set-up a China-wide pneumatic and industrial automation R&D center using the solid back ground of the “Fluid Power & Electromechanical System” department of the University of Zhejiang. This gives them an absolute competitive edge in these fields of technology, production innovation, process re-engineering, system application and complete automation solutions.

EŸMC focuses on R & D in industry automation technology and product innovation in industrial applications. They service customers in partnership with and through local distributors.

Hydrolico International Inc. is the North America agent for EŸMC’s pneumatic and automation products and services. Our aim is to help customers attain their goal of maximum production efficiency by offering high quality, intelligent and precise low consumption pneumatics and complete automation solutions.

Working through partnership relationship, Hydrolico has created an alliance with various distributors in North America. Their mission is to help customers attain their objectives of maximizing their production efficiency. We offer intelligent high quality products of low energy consumption that are perfectly adapted to the pneumatic industry and to automation solution.


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