Solenoid Valves General use

Solenoid Valves General use


EŸMC has a team of over 40 doctors and engineers who continually provide better low-power solenoid valve solutions for existing and new fluid control fields. 27 years of experience in solenoid valves give EŸMC a wide range of standard and customized products for application with air, water, steam, oil, nitro, gas,etc.

After 4 years of studying low power fields, EŸMC’s R&D team produced a wide range of super low power (2~8 Watts) solenoid valves. This produced solutions for over heating problems of solenoid valves at much lower temperatures and resulted in savings of 70 to 95% of energy consumption; increased life expectancy by 30 to 40 %; and, increased speed by 30%. Beside low-power features, EŸMC innovated with original products in different fields and now own 50 patented products.

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