Servo Driver and Motors

Servo Driver and Motors



EŸMC’s EHL series servomotors are made with high quality magnetized materials that are able to operate at high temperatures. With optimally designed electromagnetic parameters, the motor retain its excellent status even after prolonged usage. It uses a sinusoidal wave current at low speed and is used in various applications.

The IP65 series degree of protection is explicitly adapted for harsh industrial environments.

The ELH motors use a 3 phase synchronisation.There are 9 basic models with 5 flange sizes. Having a compact design, they are easy to work with on different machine applications.

Servo drivers

EŸMC’s servo drivers have a high couple at the start; an integrated PI self-tuning motor; a high speed impulsion inlet and outlet; I/O flexible terminals; can modify the line parameters with the speed control; an energy consumption reducer; automatic energy savings during operation; and, up to 9 channels for frequency settings. The operation group is easy to install and so are the PLC ones.

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