Hydrolico International Inc. Services

Hydrolico International inc. services include:

  • Guidance for our customers in selecting and designing hydraulic solutions based on a full range of in-stock or custom-made products and components to reach an unrivalled quality/price ratio.
  • Directing customers toward local or off-shore production facilities, depending on the project’s specific nature, with supervision by our personnel on site.

In addition to our new facilities in Terrebonne (Quebec) and China, Hydrolico now offers services in St-Catharines (Ontario) and in Grandville (MI, U.S.A.).  in the spring of 2016 in Fresno (Ca, U.S.A.) to better meet your requirements.

  • Points of sale across North America through our affiliated partners.
  • A sample and prototype program tied in with projects.
  • Guidance in the selection process by our highly experienced Customer Service.
  • Personalized after-sales service and a quality control that exceeds standards in each of our facilities.
  • Our one-stop service concept allows you to order your hydraulic solution on a part-by-part basis or pre- assembled by our team.

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