Solenoid valves for Steam and Gaz

Solenoid valves for Steam and Gaz

For steam:

The EŸMC THP series steam solenoid valves come with openings from 1/8’’ to 2’’. They also have stainless steel and brass solenoid valves with both normal open and shut-off. The brass solenoid valves come only with thread type, while stainless steel ones are both thread and flange types, available with both flying lead coil and DIN coil and work at 185ºC for steam applications. The THP series are our most popular valves used in water treatment system and many other water conditions. They are used normally in the 25W to 32W power range while the NTHP series are used in the 5W to 6W power range for DIN type solenoid valve.

For Gas:

The EŸMC EGV series gas solenoid valves start working at zero differential pressure and are used mainly in gas applications. They come with opening sizes from 3mm to 100mm and port sizes ranging from 1/8’’ to 4’’, and come with thread and flange connections. Besides working in gas applications, the EVG series solenoid valves also have wide applications in air and neutral gas control solution. They operate with 15W,30W and 50W power while the NEGV low power solenoid valves operate with 4W,7.5W and 12.5W.

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