Air treatment units

Air treatments units (also called air preparation units) do not work directly like pneumatic cylinders and solenoid valves. However, they play a very important role in pre-treating air sources from compressors and have an enormous influence on the useful life of pneumatic actuators and solenoid valves, as well as air filters, regulators and lubricators.

To meet a wide range of industry applications, E•MC provides multiple designs for the FRL series. These include the E series air treatment units with consistent and dependable quality for over 20 years. The EI series, with integrated gauge, saves space. There are also the environment protection HE series, the compact EN series, pressure switches, auto drain, high precision regulator, etc. As a stand out, we have the updated E/EI series FRL. With E•MC engineer’s thorough study, test and special body design; it with stands more than 9 BAR in actual application while normal FRL oil dispensers break down after prolong usage. This proves E•MC’s technology is the best in the field of FRL and delivers a better air source solution in the field of higher pressure demands.
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