Directional Valves

Directional Valves

With EŸMC’s first class facilities and a high tech machining center, this results in a strict control of every process starting with material selection (aluminium, brass, spring, paint, seals, etc.). All special designs are 100% tested and quality guaranteed. All of the EŸMC directional valves offer higher quality, consistency and dependability to meet the ever increasing industry demands.

EŸMC is continuously improving and innovating with: the N series directional solenoid valve operating below 1W power; the CC type compact directional solenoid valves; the CN series valves with high performance; and, the 5/2-3/2 inter-changeable Namur valves. Together with the classic V series solenoid valves and air valves, mechanical valves, hand pull valves, hand push valves, foot valves, rotary valves; we have become a supplier of a wide variety of air direction control systems. The end result is a solid foundation for a perfect pneumatic system.

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